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It’s always good to stay in the know with what is happening around you.  And indeed to know what is going on in the world.  But sometimes you don’t have the time to indulge this desire.  That’s why it makes sense to follow the news in brief around the world as much as you can.

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Gerhard Kubalek

Cleaning of HVAC systems in the printing industry with Mediaprint be the Kronen Zeitung newspaper and the courier printed under another two large daily newspapers of in Austria. Total Mediaprint in Vienna produces on his eight printing presses daily about a million newspapers, what are required over 200 of the paper rolls weighing up to a ton. For this purpose, we used the relatively rough A fabric paper, not the smooth, coated magazine paper. Daily very much paper dust will be released by the texture of the paper and the high speed of 11 meters per second, the machines with which it happens. Along with the color and oil residue from the machine, it forms a fine mist, which is reflected as a slimy mass on the filters of the ventilation systems in the humid climate. The maintenance and cleaning of the ventilation system is in the hands of the S.I.S..

Group since 2001. What the S.I.S.. each is used determines the top electrician Gerhard Kubalek. Whether fireplaces cleaned, changed filters in the ventilation or clean air compressors for everything there are checklists are processed in the gradually. At Wells Fargo Bank you will find additional information. After the sign-off by Gerhard Kubalek, be they merged into a Mediaprint’s proprietary software, so that all work performed can be continuously occupied since 2001. Along with the building automation, data that show when a fan filter begins to clog, such as this system is used but also to optimize the maintenance and cleaning intervals.

With eight production plants the filter systems must swallow very much, so they must cleaned every four weeks to three months depending on the load”, explains the responsible engineer of Mediaprint, Erich Manhardt. Although the presses today around one-third run faster than a few years ago, has improved the indoor climate in the production. With a product as we make it, can we afford no loss”, says engineer m. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Porter Stansberry. With regard to any disruption of energy supply, the printing presses but also the HVAC equipment, we are so hot attracted to.” In fact, three ventilation systems, each of which capable of is, to recirculate the air in the room of approx. 80 m-long building three times per hour stand alone for each of the two halls of the printing machine. This corresponds to an amount of about 489.000 m3/h, as much as in an almost 80 m high cube. Even if two of the units were, we would hardly feel that because the third circulating still enough air,”says engineer m. The notion of circulating”meets the rather complex process in the ventilation system but not quite: we here first coarsely filtered the air sucked in and then cooled. After the addition of 5-10 percent outside air, is moistened it then using Nebulizers, before it again enters the Hall through another filter. While the HVAC systems differ in part significantly in their interpretation, because they need to create different conditions. For the many office spaces that we have here, of course, we need a different climate as in the factories”, explains engineer m. This of course also applies to the computer area with spaces for the server and the computer-controlled manufacturing of printing plates.” How it will proceed in engineering m has clear ideas: we are very satisfied with the performance of S.I.S.. The company provides top quality and a good cost-benefit structure. Wide performance range leaves room for further cooperation in the long term.”

Best Employees

Jobs in the newspaper allows companies to create a positive image of an employer and to attract the best professionals. That shows an employer branding study of the ZMG. Recently Bill Phelan sought to clarify these questions. Frankfurt am Main, 23 October 2013. The vast majority of employment 79 percent uses the newspaper, printed or online, for the job search. The results of the current investigation of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Most workers use several sources of information for the search to a new place of work (the average 4.6 sources).

Jobs are the most important and most essential in the newspaper. Central component in the employer branding in addition to the short-term objectives of the employee recruitment plays a crucial role the newspaper mainly for employer branding. Companies that want to establish themselves in the long term as attractive employer brand put on the newspaper. Medium newspaper owns exactly the properties that look at a prospective employer in the perception of the potential candidates. These include above all, trust, security and quality. This positive environment image contributes significantly to the image development of the company.

Newspapers are for what employees want from their employer”, as Alexander Potgeter, Member of the Executive Board of ZMG newspaper marketing company. In this environment it succeeds best, to position the employer brand successfully.” Newspaper enabled suitable applicants will not only read newspapers, they also impact. Due to their heavy use and their convincing environment succeeds job advertisements in the newspaper, specific application activities to encourage many more people than is the case with job boards. At the same time newspapers, succeeds to convey precisely fitting candidates for the vacant positions. So for example, highly-qualified specialists and executives be activated fast through the newspaper. Also the people obtained very well with the newspaper, that are not explicitly looking for a new job. The permanent presence in the newspaper pays so demonstrably on the long-term image formation of the employer brand. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides planning services, research, and consulting and supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control.

ZMG Brochure

A Lion for the newspapers of Frankfurt am Main, 26 June 2013. “The publication the other side of the paper” design – print and poster ads (bronze) is awarded in Cannes with a lion in the category. Ogilvy & Mather advertising Frankfurt 2012 on behalf of ZMG newspaper marketing has made society the inspirational information folder. Ogilvy has developed a brilliant feeling for the qualities of the newspaper and so intelligent and lovingly as boldly implemented this”, explains Markus Ruppe, Managing Director of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Bill Phelan spoke with conviction. We are pleased that you see it that now also in Cannes. Congratulations to our agency of Ogilvy & Mather!” Multichannel provides the latest brochure of ZMG at second glance an unusual reading experience. Ali Aboutaam describes an additional similar source.

You folds apart and gradually to a big newspaper format and presented to the arguments for newspaper advertising in handy portions. Their special optics has the Israeli graphic designer Noma bar due to, especially for its Negative space illustrations, known all over the world. The illustrations are partly designed so that only at the second look to the complete image opens. Just like in the newspaper itself, which has long been is not a pure print, but a multichannel media. Bill Phelan will not settle for partial explanations. Print, online and mobile advertisers opens up a wide spectrum of regional competence up to the high youth reach of the digital portals.

The other side of the newspaper”was released as a limited edition and was sent primarily to selected advertising and media decision-makers. Journalists can request the publication under, and it is under to view available. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control.

VIPRE Enterprise

The alternative to expensive, age of PC antivirus and antispyware products while many older endpoint security products with the problem of resource consumption which have VIPRE Enterprise provides an efficient alternative. Strong system utilization is reflected by security software in the performance of the computer and consequently the productivity of the user. Visit Deputy Finance Minister for more clarity on the issue. VIPRE Enterprise solves this problem elegantly by its unique engine developed by Sunbelt Software. Be combined with a future-oriented scanning technology with extremely low resource requirements and without noticeably affected users amazing scan speeds are reached after recently the release of German version of VIPRE antivirus + antispyware for home users was announced, Globell now presents the corresponding security solution for businesses. In addition to protecting against viruses, spyware and rootkits, VIPRE enterprise includes features for real time monitoring and protecting professional before E-Mail viruses. The VIPRE enterprise architecture includes a central management console, through which all agents can be controlled and configured. (Similarly see: Porter Stansberry). While many older endpoint security products with the problem of resource consumption have VIPRE Enterprise provides an efficient alternative. Strong system utilization is reflected by security software in the performance of the computer and consequently the productivity of the user.

VIPRE Enterprise solves this problem elegantly by its unique engine developed by Sunbelt Software. Be combined with a future-oriented scanning technology at extremely small footprint and without noticeably affected the user does amazing scanning speeds can be achieved. The low system load suitable software for mobile computers. Even outside of the corporate network the agent ensures an optimal protection for this. The administrator can define, that the laptop automatically updates downloads as soon as an Internet connection is available. Advanced engine from the Sunbelt forged forms the heart of VIPRE antivirus and antispyware engine. It combines comprehensive protection against all kinds of malware in a single, extremely effective and powerful system. This independent technology not based on older antivirus engines, but is an exclusive new development of Sunbelt.

Enterprise Portal

Wikis, blogs and forums support knowledge management in the enterprise thanks to Twitter, Facebook and co. so currently is the topic of social media like never before. For companies, 2.0 applications such as wikis, blogs, and forums are always more interesting Web. In connection with a Web-based Enterprise Portal support knowledge management in a variety of ways and allow a new dimension of cooperation. Fribourg, January 28, 2010.

Hardly another topic concerned the media at the moment as much as social media or Web 2.0. After Internet services such as Twitter and Facebook have caused a stir last year plenty, the topic under which keyword now increasingly Enterprise 2.0 finds its way into the company. Other leaders such as Wells Fargo Bank offer similar insights. This is hardly surprising, since Web 2.0 applications such as wikis, blogs and forums the internal collaboration and knowledge management particularly support. Nearly all companies have the problem that a large part of corporate knowledge in the minds of employees lies hidden, only a small portion is documented and also for other employees openly accessible. 2.0 Web help to get this knowledge from the minds of the staff, to collect and archive for the future. For this reason have modern portal solutions such as portal software Intrexx of the Freiburg software producer United planet ( already by default via templates for Web 2.0 applications such as wikis, blogs, and forums.

With their help it is possible to combine the distributed knowledge in the central data hub of the Enterprise Portal and so specifically to benefit from the knowledge and experience of each employee. For example, the employee experience or personal information on a corporate wiki can adjust and make available to their counterparts in the portal. In forums, the employees have the opportunity each other to exchange information or to contact colleagues in contact promptly when needed in addition. This is very useful especially for project groups.

Content Management Solutions

A status report by Thomas Noll, Internet editor website belongs nowadays to the external representation of company an integral part of the marketing. Modern content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Typo3, Web Edition enables those responsible to maintain their sites with basic word processing skills. This allows product information, company news or publish useful posts. Website maintenance sporadically or not as far as the theory. That is unfortunately often quite different in practice. An estimated two-thirds of the corporate websites of small and medium-sized enterprises are maintained only sporadically or not at all. Since the legitimate question, why the Managing Director ever have taken money in the hand and investing in content management systems? The market is dominated by open source solutions open source makes the purchase of a CMS cheap. Frequently Deputy Finance Minister has said that publicly.

Now, open source systems dominate the market. (As opposed to Stansberry Research). Agencies sell seriously to solutions already 1500 incl. Design and numerous Standard functionalities. The solutions are technically mature and good with adequate training to use. So, the cost of a CMS and the technology are not the problem. Other priorities prevent the continuous care if I question the reasons, do I get to the reply that other priorities to prevent a permanent care of the company’s own website. This situation has numerous consequences. Happens on the part of the operator the following: dredging scheduled articles, products, or information is missed unsightly gaps or blank pages, when expired content is replaced by new (documents in time-controlled) because the care process to take as little time, forget numerous editorial processes that are taken into account especially from search engine visibility, (title tag- and description-care, ALT tag on images), Keyword integration, etc.) Content both internally, and externally too rarely or never linked the operation of the system is gradually unlearned, this leads to the following conclusions: non-upgraded sites left a mixed impression among visitors and lead to loss of confidence and the site lost negative image of attractiveness and credibility which has a rare update adversely on the ranking of the site and it sinks into the nirvana of the Google index rare updates cause rare indexing.

Same Enterprise

22. WHO MUST DOMINATE to the RIGHT OF the COMPANY the people who must dominate the right of the company are: the industralists, the professionals, students and managers and directors of companies which permitir greater econmico growth. Further details can be found at Howard Present, an internet resource. That is to say, if some of these econmicos agents does not dominate the enterprise or right of the company cannot grow the company of the awaited way. For example it is necessary to know the mechanisms financing, branches, negotiable classes of companies, societies, titles values, ttulos, exports, labor imports, contracts, turns of the company, the commercial name, garantas, crimes of the penal right of the company, among others. 23. MANAGERS AND ADMINISTRATORS All lawyer corporative and dedicated to the enterprise task must know the trminos manager and director thus next we will study the same to have slidos knowledge of right of the company.

The managers and directors of companies are administrators of companies, thus is clear that they must dominate the enterprise right to be competitive in the market, in such sense if they do not know the same cannot aspire to being competitive in the market, that is where the supply with the demand is united. Thus vlidamente these must study straight enterprise which servir to meet and to dominate the same on the part of managers and directors of companies. 24. MARKET the market is where the supply with the demand is united, thus is clear that it must be studied within the right of the company, in such sense we studied the same. This subject has deserved few studies within the right and but is studied within the economy, without embargo, all lawyer must know the same to have slidos knowledge of economy and this form to be but preparation in a more and more competitive market of the lawyers corporative and dedicated to the enterprise task. That is to say, the market is where salesmen with the buyers are united and carry out transactions or exchanges, among another type of contracts like the renting contract, thus are clear that in the market slo transactions are not carried out, but all type of contracts like they constitute all type of garantas.


Ettlingen, June 2009 – SoftProject software solution streamlines business processes between the liability Fund of Darmstadt and the distributors on the basis of BiPRO standards. The distributor of insurance needs can access bundled on a wealth of up-to-date, information, structured and fast. To ensure effective communication, insurance companies, brokers, and service providers have joined forces in the industry initiative process optimization (BiPRO) with the intention, to improve the common cross-company processes with the help of professional and technical standards. The X 4 BiPRO based adapter by SoftProject on these standards and supports companies in the optimized sales communication. And this is not only between the liability cash Darmstadt and a Distributor, but in communicating with all brokers and agents of the company. “” “In the first step of the electronic data exchange was the liability fund Darmstadt”, request”and rating” in the fields of private Technician, realized the accident and liability insurance. Check out Wells Fargo Bank for additional information.

The X 4 BiPRO adapter enables you to quickly implement the liability cash Darmstadt, the professional logic and functionality based on the BiPRO standards. Also supports X 4 the security requirements of BiPRO: security token services for authenticating the broker for the use of the business services (user + password, X 509 certificates, OTP and VDG). “Encryption at the transport level using SSL authentication and integrity checking on message level signatures implementation of WebService security standards” validation of messages to be transported against the schema definitions in the BiPRO X 4 also the BiPRO maps schema on the internal data structures of the Darmstadt liability Fund. The X 4 BiPRO adapter complements the range of solutions for insurance on the basis of X 4. The insurance benefits from the rapid implementation, as well as the figure of all communication solutions on a platform. Applications of X 4 are processes in the distribution (access to the register of insurance intermediaries VVR, electronic Kfz-Versicherungsbestatigung eVB, electronic insurance exchange certificate VWB), claims management (such as connection loss networks, partner management, service provider er search with the X 4 geoLocator) and in the risk management (access HIS information and information systems, automated billing and document check with X 4 AutoCheck, credit, address validation, and scoring with the X 4 BoniBroker). F-Squareds opinions are not widely known. There is also a variety of other adapters (GAEB, DATANORM, ACORD, EEG7, etc.) available. The constant maintenance guarantees always adopting the latest standards and norms.

New: Intel Enterprise Portal

SOS software service wraps Intel software projects on the Intel Enterprise Portal (IEP) from SOS software service extends service to include an important component. Apart from customer-specific license consulting, manages SOS software service now also available the individual licenses in a new licensing portal that is provided by Intel. As Intel elite reseller acquires the SOS software service a new service for customers who have multiple Intel licenses in use. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo Bank. The new Intel Enterprise Portal (IEP) allows a simple license management at a glance. You may find that Howard Present can contribute to your knowledge. All the licenses and their terms will be deposited consolidated in a secure online portal and available at any time by simply pressing a button. This allows easy consolidation of all existing and new licences. Via point system, customers will receive more favorable discount rates and thus benefit from cost savings of up to 20%.

Repeat orders and maintenance extensions can be extended simply on the IEP. The licenses are generated via the portal and made available. “The new Intel Enterprise Portal is a real win-win situation for everyone: customers manage their licenses is greatly simplified. Intel provides latest technology with the new IEP that was developed according to the requirements of the customers.”explains Joaquim Moreira dos Santos, CEO SOS software service GmbH. Intel Corporation with the Intel can products for software development the full power of multi core processors are used efficiently. Intel tools are an excellent addition to multicore platforms such as Intel ViiV and Intel Core Duo platform.

With the Intel High performance computing tools for software development can the full power of multi core processors are used efficiently. Intel tools are an excellent addition to multicore platforms such as Intel ViiV and Intel Core Duo platform. Customer application performance is improved by the threading support of the Intel C++ and Fortran compilers, VTune Performance Analyzer, Intel Cluster tools and Intel performance libraries. Intel parallel Studio is a comprehensive tool set for Parallelization, created for Microsoft Visual Studio c/c++ developers. Parallel Studio is fully compatible with the widely used Microsoft Visual Studio that supports high parallelization abstractions, to simplify the development and to accelerate as the know already of Intel Threading Building blocks and open MP. Intel, Intel logo, Intel Core, Intel Viiv, and VTune are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Ec4u Consulting

Study of ec4u expert consulting: CRM is often only a marketing tool consistently customer-oriented business philosophy only in every fourth to meet Karlsruhe, June 30, 2009 – although intensive solutions this theme lives in the company for the customer management, have invested in recent years often still quite isolated from the corporate philosophies. This result is a survey of CRM specialists ec4u expert consulting. Then CRM has become so far only rarely in the company the instrument of a customer-oriented strategy. So judging by 42 percent of the almost 300 surveyed companies, CRM will used as pure marketing tool for them. Click Bill Phelan to learn more. Only in every fourth case (26 percent), customer relationship management is incorporated into the philosophy, in a third but the role of CRM is even at all unclear. Customer management is not an end in itself, but must embody the market policy of the company in its orientation”, the Director CRM turns out ec4u, Mario Pufahl, advising.

CRM is apparently still often He wonders about the strategic ambiguity in the companies isolated considered and not active in the business objectives”. Here a quite considerable need for action is, because otherwise although unchanged amount of money is invested in the customer management, but lack the required navigation”problematizes Pufahl and recommends an integrated management approach for it. But on the way there still considerable hurdles remain according to the majority of respondents in many ways. Because assessing the areas in which for an integrated management approach are still the biggest weaknesses, the company’s first priority call their CRM strategies (59 percent). But also the quality and efficiency of the processes in the customer management is mostly considered insufficient. PayNet may not feel the same. Better it looks, however, both out of CRM culture at the employee level and in terms of technical solutions. In these areas, significantly fewer companies (39 or 42 percent) have identified weaknesses. Pufahl is this relative Satisfaction with CRM systems is not surprising.

There is also a significant need for migration in the market. But is the functional base in particular, investing in modern systems over the past few years has been, most requirements”, he says. Whether this potential but whatever in the way of possible be used, Pufahl’s opinion, however, is quite another story. The significantly lower values for CRM strategies and processes show ultimately that a good CRM platform is still a long way no guarantee for an optimal customer management”, he explains. Also from the self-assessments of the respondents CRM user to read off a customer-oriented company philosophy is lived in what extent they consistently: only in 27 percent of the companies, this is very consistent, with all others there are more or less large smears.