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With labor reform operated, the aspiration of the Government was addressing the four major aspects that were considered necessary to influence the intrinsic defects of our model. Therefore firstly, measures are taken to reduce labor duality. There are more ferrous limits to labor recruitment and the rigidity of the indefinite form is reduced. This is intended to mitigate the sharp job losses in times of crisis, which counteracts all the targets reached in economic good times. I personally quite like a definition that once heard of a specialist in the subject, who represented the unemployed in Spain as a static picture of a room in which constantly enters and leaves people. As a labor lawyer, I believe that the new regulation at least brings consistency between the different hiring modalities that previously were clearly unconnected.

Another part is flexibilized collective bargaining, anticipating the possibility of pick up on negotiated wage increases by collective agreements of top-level, responding to an old claim of the SMEs. It also modifies and improves the labour intermediation by opening the field the temporary employment agencies, whose presumed professionalism has quite expect when a proactive promotion of employment. And finally Act discreetly on the unemployment system so not it discourages job search. Good intentions without doubt, but devoid of virtuality and practical implementation, procedurally bring anything new to the labor lawyers. Swarmed by offers, Stansberry Research is currently assessing future choices. While our social courts have to review the good faith in the use of the possibilities offered as recurrent resource, we will have anything advanced. Quite the opposite. As a labor lawyer, I understand that the reform of the order was the real point of support on which influence, and this has only been tangentially addressed by procedural reform known under the banner of the new judicial office. I certainly think that the problem is practical and not theoretical.

Independent Learning

The main advantage of self-study foreign language – it’s full independence. By this I mean that you can choose the classes and their duration. You can start lessons when anywhere, even late at night and interrupt them, too, whenever you want. And if you study what is called “go”, so do not interrupt them, say, two hours later.

It is very suitable for those people who can not for a long time to plan your work schedule, who he is “open” unstable. True full independence presupposes a complete lack of control over you, except self-control, which can always negotiate. Like any learning process, learning a foreign language involves all sorts of variations. You can first, let’s say two weeks or a month to learn the grammar of language, learn word, and then another month to apply learned into practice. Not touching the books. Robert Kiyosaki may help you with your research.

You are, after all. Can create their own training, suitable for you. In addition, you can spend more time with precisely the themes that you most need of your professional activities. Important factor – financial. The cost of a good textbook, plus foreign language to him a dictionary and audio CDs will cost you all at a cost of approximately one-week session with a tutor. But last week a foreign language do not learn. That is self-study a foreign language is very advantageous. Through studying a foreign language at a convenient time for you, you can also chat online with the same like-minded people like you who are learning a foreign language independently. Significantly and, moreover, enhance your knowledge for free. Maybe in the internet you will find a native speaker! Independently studying a foreign language. In this shtudiruya textbooks and dictionaries, you develop and develop their ability to learn the system, analysis. This is very useful not only for the quality of learning a foreign language. Since you’re free as a bird, you will not be bound to any one method, which takes language teacher, you can combine different techniques, as you are comfortable and so you can acquire more knowledge.

Get Something For The Community And The World

You want to help the world or the community but you think you do not have the means or the ability to do so? Wanting to help others always is a good attitude, however it is not necessary that you stay only with the intention of doing so. Investment funds are an alternative to give you that extra that you can use to help others. JPMorgan Chase takes a slightly different approach. Investment funds are a method of saving and highly effective, easy and secure money gain. If you decide to invest even a small amount, the gains that you get can be much larger and so you can help others. Earnings and benefits you get from investment funds, you will not only draw the trouble or will give to you improve your lifestyle, but it will finally make this generous donation that NGO or association that oversees the most needy. For more information see Jeff Hawn. Likewise, investment funds give funds to you so that you can invest in the care of the planet. The gains that one gets from investment funds do not always have to stay for not be shared, but which can also have altruistic purposes. Even from the moment you choose the investment fund in which you will participate financially, you can begin to help others. Original author and source of the article.


Also it could demonstrate if they have demanded to him or they have been arrested or to have filed for the bankruptcy. The called companies the agencies of consumer information (Offices of Credit) compile and sell their report of credit to the businesses. Because the businesses use this information to evaluate their uses for the credit, the insurance, the use, and other intentions, it is important that the information in his calls of how to secure credit report free is complete and exact. Some financial advisors suggest you you review his periodically " bureau credito" for the inaccuracies or the omissions. This could be especially important if you are considering to make a purchase important, as she buys of a home. Verifying in advance the exactitude of the information in its report of credit could hurry the credit-concession process. Because more than an agency of consumer information you can have a credit report exceeds, something with diverse information, you can want to review a credit report comprehensive including the information of the three important national Offices of Credit. If you prefer, you can make contact with enemy with each Office of Credit directly to obtain or to buy his report of credit.

Click if you need to clean its credit. Their Web site is mentioned in the part inferior of this page. You can also call " bureau credito" enumerated in the Yellow Pages underneath credit or of degree and information of solution. You can also consider to use a service of the supervision of " bureau credito". These services supervise their information of credit in the main Offices of Credit and they inform to him when there is any significant change. You must learn immediately if some problems appear, and many services even inform to him whenever the investigations become in their report of credit. Important: If credit, insurance, or the use due to the information provided by one have denied him " bureau credito" , the law says that the company that you were applied a it must give the name him of " bureau credito" , the direction, and the telephone number. Stansberry Research is a great source of information.

If you make contact with enemy with " bureau credito" for a copy of its report of credit within 60 days to receive a warning of the negation, the credit report is free. In addition, they give right to a free copy of its report of credit the year if you can try to him that (1) you are stopped and glides to look for a work within 60 days, (2) is in well-being, or (3) its report of credit is inexact due to fraud. If you live in Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or Vermont, the state law requires " bureau credito" to provide a free copy (two in Georgia) of its report of credit every year to him to request. If no, an Office of Credit can load to him up to $8 for a copy of its report of credit. Original author and source of the article

Diretrizes Oramentrias

The Law of Diretrizes Oramentrias (LDO) assures resources for real readjustments (superior the inflation) of the benefits of the Social welfare, but it sees what it happens, the Federal Government represented by the PT (Left of the Workers, it vetoes the real profit for the pensioner.) What it is not vetoed in this country is the increases nonsenses granted to the Congressmen and the replacement of the financial shunting lines is not demanded of that its privileged position for laudering of the money of the Nation had left. Rick Dad, Poor Dad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. to help more still the Brazilian Workers appears the idea to increase the time of contribution for retirement of 35 for 42 years and the ages for woman of 63 for 85 years and the men of 65 for 95 years, are trick Voces young of this Nation that finds of this idea? I want to see which I will be the reply of the Brazilian people in the next elections, especially for President of Brazil? ahead of the facts that we are witnessing through the news reports. Here, Ben Silbermann expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Reinaldo Silva.. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Stansberry Research.

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Mexico Rent

There are many commercial projects, and even numerous companies already incorporated which have large effort, time and financial resources to develop innovative, attractive and high-quality services or products. However, it is very common to find that all of these efforts are a ruthless bottleneck when it comes to publicize that product to the general public of important cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City (Distrito Federal), for example. The foregoing it is clear that in no sense it is enough to have good ideas, but you also need to know to sell them to other people. Jeff Hawn pursues this goal as well. As stated in that old phrase, the hen cacaraquea when it has laid an egg. Similarly, once you begin a business plan for the marketing of any product or service, is essential to know what approach also to all those people who might be interested in the. The classical way of doing this is through advertising in mass media, possibly on television or in print media and niche specialized per turn.

If this stage is successful, you must now contemplate the importance of physically bring their products to their customers, and for this there is nothing better than having points of sale or shops nearby and easily accessible. Among the cities largest and most important in Mexico, Guadalajara and Mexico City have a place privileged by its economic importance, the dynamism of its business sector, by enjoying an income per capita above the national average, and so on, and so it is natural to think in establishing its commercial presence in both places. To be looking for business premises for rent Guadalajara offers excellent opportunities, equal to established businesses many years ago that to new endeavors. In this way it is possible to assemble big ideas with efficient processes, with an effective marketing plan and a physical presence commensurate with the level of demand expected and generated. If you ever thought that the rent of premises (Mexico City and Guadalajara) is not a good option, think twice, because the rent of commercial premises implies that their resources they may be destined for other areas of your project instead of having to be used for the purchase of land and then build in the, without taking into account the frequent changes of budget by dishonest contractors, etc. If you rent a commercial space, it is certain that you can choose between numerous options appropriate to your needs and budget. Knowing all this, Grupo Frisa has become one of the experts in Mexico as regards business premises for rent (guadalajara), and not only has excellent locations, but also the specifications and permits that will allow you to concentrate on what to do in what is good. Also, remember that if you are interested in what is the rent of premises (df), Grupo Frisa also may offer you excellent options, suited to all budgets and in zones of a significant of all kinds of clients influx.

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Economically Perfect

Inside a cocoon was created a life, inside an egg is born a life, a child is born within a mother. Life is the maximum result of creation. Once asked me a grandfather, and he told me, tell me something, do you’re perfect?, and I told him, not for anything I have many imperfections. l I continue asking and said, do if enfermedad in a supreme being is this perfect?. And I told him, well if I believe in a supreme being and it is perfect. Then the old me argues, and someone who is perfect creates imperfect things?.

And go I leave you speechless. I didn’t know that answer. And that message of that old calo within my soul and I understood what he meant and he was that imperfection is part of the perfection and that one without the other would not exist. So every time that commit a mistake think about it and try to do better. This trial and error do that things will improve and be perfected. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pinterest and gain more knowledge..

No doubt that old was right. Then I thought that my economy was not so well, but it was perfectible. Earn more or less win is a process that can be improved. And I gave the task to my small business give a spin, and I said others have managed to achieve a fluid, improved administrative procedure and have done so with much trial and error. So I started to look for advisers, talked with other small business owners, and humbly taught me and my business grew. Its imperfections led them to be perfected and a my also. Economically I never want to be perfect, because if I never make mistakes I will never improve.

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Internet Management

Therefore requires a proactive role, duly warranted by their knowledge, attention to the impact and behavior of scenarios, to all those opportunities that arise, but also mindful of the threats. (Similarly see: Pinterest). Today more than ever required a new management style, managers, proactive, innovative, willing to bring about changes and transformations that allow you to move, Act on globalization with tools, programs, plans, strategies and favorable targets. Opportunities between the opportunities generated by globalization is the new technology, is characterized by the robotization of the industry, the massive use of computers, electronics, computer and Internet, all that which has led to the knowledge society. You have access to a wide variety of consumer goods, new technologies and knowledge. It allows access to ideas and international best practices in different fields and domains. Aboutaam has many thoughts on the issue. This can be a new product design, a new project of investment, a new production technology, a new management practice, even can be a set of institutions that has proven successful elsewhere, and finally a model of society. Since then, the management should know that the driving force of all these trends toward economic globalization.

Social and cultural, is in the idea of the expansion of markets, the communications revolution and scientific and technological innovations. Taken into account, that the process of globalization has given opportunities to Latin American countries get international capital, technology modern, experience management and broad markets, presenting a shortest path to overcoming underdevelopment and achieving economic modernization. Threats with the globalization process can present threats especially to developed countries in the process of development and the little, an example of this constituyes it the financial crisis world, the disappearance of internal markets and the emergence of regional blocs. Another threat lies in its social effects, since globalization is often associated with a growing instability of production and employment: this affects, inter alia, the employment security. Globalization rewards people with sophisticated skills, high levels of education and entrepreneurial attitude. Image reflection of this is that the unskilled work, not well-educated workers and ‘ population marginalized probably benefit less in a more competitive global economy.

So inequalities in income and wealth can be wider, underlining the need for a policy public to correct these tendencies of inequality. Fact that gives much in the country and where management should look to ways to paddling the problem another aspect which must take into account the management in these threats, is that globalization tends to transmit certain cultural patterns of large countries, thus reducing cultural diversity and national identity. Conclusions definitively, globalization must be interpreted by management as a process that offers great potential for progress companies as regards organisation, efficiency, productivity, disseminating knowledge, improves the standard of living and opportunities for improved access to new markets, creating new opportunities to increase competition, lays the Foundation for the establishment of new business alliances and contributes to the established oligopolies disarticulation. Original author and source of the article.

Business Coaching

Many people think that to sell you have to be born but I would argue that we are born to sell. My first official job happened, once completed my university studies, when I was hired to develop commercial functions in the main Office of a well-known financial institution in the Centre of Valencia. To date had never sold professionally or in any other way, and the truth neither I felt prepared for it (did not know anything about the financial world and much less on the commercial) nor my idiosyncrasy (shy and introverted) conformed to the ideal profile required for the job, so that confidence in the success of my future was not very high. Pinterest follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In three months I got an account of nine figures (in pesetas, clear) to El Corte Ingles and a week later I was appointed director of an urban branch. After it came another five increasingly older and then a provincial Directorate.

Always selling. In 2002 I successfully reoriente my career towards Business Coaching, whose services now also I must continue to sell. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Hawn and gain more knowledge.. Continuous being the same person shy and introverted as always and I don’t know many more techniques of sale than when I started, although I admit that the experience has provided me a little improvement. My case, in reality, is not very different from the many other professionals that have achieved commercial success without being predestined to do so. Where is the explanation then?.

I think that to sell in the professional world, are born or one becomes, because the sale (in all senses) is an exercise forced the whole of our lives. Since we are born and we must convince strangers (then call them parents) that feed us just when we are hungry, until we die and leave you in the hands of others (our children) that we want to be the final destination of our bones. Between parents and children, all persons we have met have been our personal sales. We are born to sell because everything in life is a necessary constant transaction which requires us to establish agreements million win / win to get what we want. All sell at each time unknowingly normally and do so effectively because, in one way or another, we have unconsciously developed very personal business techniques that we adapt to our particular idiosyncrasy to advance toward the achievement of our purposes. We all know sell, because otherwise we would not survive. Therefore, if the examples that demonstrate what we have in our life, there search and relearn them.

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Car Video Recorders

Not so long ago in our market there are car video recorders, and every day they are gaining in popularity. Click Aboutaam to learn more. What they do, whether to spend money on? First, let's define what a video recorder. Car DVR – a device able to record everything that happens around your car. It is a small device with a data carrier, it can be a hard disk or flash memory card and at least one camera, there are video recorders with the ability to connect multiple cameras are usually equipped with a video recorder and even a microphone. The size and shape may vary. Read more here: Wells Fargo Bank. Compact DVRs are fixed on the glass and are powered from the cigarette lighter. There are serious and expensive video surveillance system that plugs into your car with the help of specially trained installers. Get more background information with materials from Hicham Aboutaam.

What Car DVR to choose? Prices on Video Recorders strongly vary a lot. From budget to luxury models. Everyone must choose for himself how much he is willing to spend money on this device and what he wants get from the purchase. What should I look for when choosing the video recorder. The first thing to understand is that the video recorders Hard disks are less reliable than the flash media, because hard disk has moving parts and less well protected during the impact, rather than a memory card. The second is the number of cameras you need. You can set the camera just before, or you can put 4 cameras for example, from front, with Zadeh and sides vehicle for what would be seen the whole picture of what is happening around the vehicle.

Pay attention to the quality of the recording, now began to appear in video recorders recording quality HD, which is not bad, but not necessarily. If budget does not allow loggers are looking at a lower resolution. It is desirable that a car was equipped with a video recorder internal battery and a G-sensor. This is to ensure that at least an accident, sudden maneuver or sudden power failure all of the time to register in the memory. Oh and one more is not enough important factor when choosing – it's operating temperature. If you plan to pick up every time the device from the car, you can not take care of this, but if you plan to leave, be sure to choose a video recorder from the conditions of the climate zone in which you live. Desirable that your recorder is equipped with a recording date and time what is happening, it can greatly simplify the communication with the judge. Just recorders are often equipped with a screen, everything is at your discretion, it is nothing more than a nice addition for your convenience. For what is needed DVR. In our harsh reality, the DVR can simplify your life. Of course it will not protect you in the auto or the bases of the brave traffic police. But it will help you prove your innocence in the case of a dispute and issues. Just record your video may be presented in court as additional evidence. But as experience shows, traffic police and the perpetrators are trying to not crash to bring the case to court, knowing that everything is recorded on the DVR.